Marin InterLeague Soccer Alliance (MISA) - Rules


Dear colleagues,

enclosed you will find the Marin InterLeague Soccer Alliance (MISA) ByLaws and Playing Protocols and Rules for U12, J14 and HS teams.

I wanted you to be aware that I also highlighted the following text from this document to make sure you understand the critical playing rules that we are wanting to strengthen and enforce this season:

  • Roster Cards:  Each team shall have a laminated roster card with each players photo, name and number on it.  The roster card shall be 8 1/2 x 11.


  • Roster Card / Referee Review:  Roster Cards will be presented to the referee prior to the game starting.  Players not on the Laminated Roster Card are not allowed to play under any circumstance.


  • Teams without Roster Card at Game Time:  Teams without a roster card shall play the game, however forfeit that game.


  • Coaches / Spectators:  Coaches and players for both teams shall be on the same sideline, with all non staff spectators viewing from the opposite sideline.  There will no viewing from either end-line.


  • Substitutions:  All substitutions shall be made at the referee's discretion and approval at any stoppage of play, excluding a corner kick.  Player(s) coming off the field will be removed before substitute(s) enter the field.  Substituted player(s) will be at the mid line ready to enter the field.  The team in possession of the ball may substitute an unlimited number of players on throw-ins.  A team may substitute on the opponent's throw-in if substitutions are being made by the offensive team AND at the discretion of the referee.

Please refer to the entire document for additional protocols and rules that are pretty consistent with past seasons.

For more information visit gameofficials.net - login and look under news - Thanks!

Headref NYSA