Opening Day 2018!!




     Celebrate Soccer!

     2017 Opening Day Parade!




On Saturday, August 19 , Novato Youth Soccer Association will open its 2017 Fall Season, with all Novato Youth Soccer Association teams participating in a parade march at the track at San Marin High School.


The format will be similar to the World Cup walk with teams assembling on the SMHS track, then marching around the track with their team, team banner and coach!!!   There will be a brief opening day ceremony including the introduction of our teams, special dignitaries, and our first goals of the season presentation.


We are very excited for the 2017 Season and look forward to seeing you on: 


Saturday, August 19, 2017



Begin your preparation for Opening Day NOW!  Here are few simple suggestions to make this day special for all!

  • Notify your parents As Soon As Possible!  Have them mark their calendars and plan to attend!!  Invite your friends and families - this event is for everyone!!
  • Order your team banner!!  Ask for a volunteer - parents love to help with this!
  • Although not required, some teams like to wear costumes or include special effects that reflect their team name.  If you choose not to go that route, then the NYSA Uniform is required. 
  • No cleats on the track!  Inform your parents that sneakers are just fine for the Opening Day Festivities.  
  • As we know the weather can be quite warm in August - please remind all players to come prepared!  Sunscreen and lots of water is a must! 
  • Team Historian / Photographer - do you have a parent that would like to document the event (and games!) for the team?  Recruite them now, before the season begins!