Coaching Two Teams Policy


Important Information Regarding One Coach, Acting As The Head Coach For Two Different Teams:

NYSA truly appreciates your desire to act as the head coach for two different teams. With this in mind, we feel it is very important that we communicate possible issues that may come up for you when coaching two teams:


1) NYSA regulates our training fields for the safety of our players.  We maintain that teams at grade levels Kindergarten through 2nd grade hold trainings at the San Ramon, Lynwood, and Loma Verde fields.  Teams at grade level 3rd/4th hold trainings at Hamilton and Lu Sutton, with remaining age groups training at the Hill Field complex.  It is out of an abundance of caution, as well as for the comfort of our younger players that we do not allow younger players to train on fields where older players are training.  Please consider your training schedule when making the decision to coach two teams!  Training fields are subject to change based on player safety.


2) NYSA creates and maintains the Fall Recreation League schedule for grade levels Kindergarten through 3rd/4th grade.  MISA creates and maintains the Fall Recreation League schedule for grade levels 5th/6th through the High School grade levels.  While NYSA makes every effort to minimize scheduling conflicts at the lower age level (K-3/4), there are instances when game scheduling conflicts are not avoidable.  NYSA and MISA cannot guarantee that there will not be game scheduling conflicts, based on field availability and the sheer number of teams participating.  There will be no changes to the NYSA or MISA schedule.  If you would like to coach two teams, regardless of age groups, please consider this when finding an assistant coach.  You may need to have your assistant coach cover for you at different points during the season, including the playoffs (grade level 3rd/4th and older).  Please note that games cannot be rescheduled, or altered from the schedules prepared by NYSA or MISA.


3) Other conflicts may come up for your assistant coach(s).  Please make sure that you and your assistant coach (one for each team), can cover each other when there are scheduling conflicts.  NYSA allows for one assistant coach, assigned at the time of team formations, however you may add additional assistant coaches once you receive your roster, with parents of players from your roster.  Please note that any coach or parent working with players must complete the US Club Safety Program and Background Check, as well as the Livescan fingerprinting program.


4) There are no roster changes based on the NYSA and MISA blind draft policies and procedures, regarding equitable team formations.  You will be allowed to have your own son or daughter (twins included), and the child of your assistant coach.  You are only allowed one requested assistant coach.


If you wish to coach two teams, understanding that you may not be able to train your teams at the same practice fields, that there are no game schedule changes, and that you must have certified coach cover for all trainings and games, please download the attached policy, sign and return by email to admin@novatosoccer.com.