Airbenders Win at 2011 Novato City Tournament

Our U10 boys recreation team The Airbenders again proved themselves champs by winning the Novato City Tournament for the second year in a row.  Three players from last year’s team were returning this year to lead the effort.  
As told by Coach Judge Taylor, this year’s Airbenders came together as a very unselfish and fun loving team. Passing was the hallmark of this team, led by Caleb at center mid, Noah at striker, Myles at right mid/defense and Malcolm at right mid/defense.  
Team defense became a strong part of the team led by Shaun at ’Ace’, Griffin at goalie, Nathan at defense, and Julian at defense.  Alassandro at left mid, Zane at left mid/defense and Wyatt at striker contributed strong passing, defense and goals.  
The Airbenders defeated the Shooting stars 2 - 1 in the championship game in a very well played game by both teams.  Noah scored the deciding goal, and Griffin’s eager energetic play at goalie and Shaun anchoring the defense with a MVP performance.  
Six of the Airbenders were invited to play for either the U10 or U9 All-Star teams this year.
Congratulations, Airbenders!