Extreme Pizza Players of the Week

Novato Youth Soccer Extreme Pizza Players of the Week

Each week Novato Youth Soccer and Extreme Pizza present the Players of the Week.  The winner’s photos are also displayed on the wall of the restaurant.


Select Under-12, Under 13

Georgia - U13 Girls Select

Cece - U12 Girls Select

Coach Tyler Gottschalk: Georgia - engine in the midfield. Great ball winner and striker of the ball. Scored the winning goal in the NorCal Cup final on a sublime strike from 25 yards.



Coach Tyler Gottschalk: Cece had a fantastic season at center back for the 99G.  Her ability to read the game, win tackles, clear balls out of pressure, and start our attacks by connecting the first pass were a big part of the 99G’s success.  She also scored a great goal on a freekick against Santa Clara Sporting in the NorCal Cup in a come from behind 2-2 draw.

Select Under-11, Under 12

Grace - U12 Girls Select

Caitlyn - U11 Girls Select

Coach Tyler Gottschalk: Grace is a hard working midfielder that is a great passer of the ball. She is a very technical player that reads the game very well, is good in the air, and is a true student of the game.



Coach Tyler Gottschalk: Caitlyn is a great 1v1 defender that reads the game very well and makes good decisions with the ball. She is tough in the tackle and can be very dangerous as an attacking right back, scoring a great goal against SCA from range.

A leader at the back, Caitlyn is a great teammate that always works hard and gives her best effort every time out.

Select Under-10, Under-11

Breiner - U11 Boys Select

Kelsey - U10 Girls Select

Coach Jose Mendoza: I wish to nominate Breiner for the Extreme Player Award.

Breiner has been a great example for his teammates and other soccer players on the field. Throughout the season he worked hard at practices and games, he is very enthusiastic, always respectful towards others and supportive to his teammates.

He also demonstrated great skills all season long; Breiner is an amazing defender (the wall) with the ability to anticipate every play and to shut down the opponents. I was very lucky to have the opportunity to coach Breiner and I hope he continues to work hard.

Great job Breiner!


Coach Alan Wnuk: Our season is over but in our next to the last game at State Cup two weekends ago:

The Novato United ’01, U-10 Girls, team played the Pleasanton Rage, White team in the quarterfinals of the Gold 3 Division.  We were down 1-0 with about seven minutes to go when Kelsey scored on a shot from outside of the box, over the Goalie’s head, to tie it up.  The two teams played goalless through two overtime periods and went to penalty kicks to determine the winner.

Our team was down 2-0 in PKs when we scored two in a row and Pleasanton missed three in a row.  Kelsey took the last penalty shot and converted and our team won 3-2 on penalty kicks.  We advanced to the Championship game the following day and unfortunately lost, 1-0, to the San Juan Spirits Blue, to finish second in the Gold 3 Division.

Kelsey was our player of the weekend.  Thank you!

Select Under-9, Under-10

Michael - U10 Boys Select

Bercli - U9 Boys Select

Team Manager Robin Rodi: Michael was voted the "Most Valuable Player" by his team mates at the end of last season. He could always be counted on to give 110% in every game.

He scored numerous goals as a forward and mid-fielder but could also serve as a strong defender when needed. His speed and quickness made him a significant threat on the field. He also had great field vision and would frequently set up other players for shots on goal.

He is a hard worker and is enjoyed by his team mates.


Coach Alberto Godoy: Bercli is a very talented player, his individual skills are his biggest asset, he is a grate passer and a very good team player, offensively and defensibly, he is a very good all around player.

Select Under-8, Under-9

Emma - U9 Girls Select

Gregory - U8 Boys Select
Coach Jeff Wallace: Emma had a great performance at state cup, and is a team leader on defense. She also did a fantastic job shutting down the opposition in our 1-0 win.  She plays hard, supports her teammates, and demonstrated great skills throughout the weekend.  

Coach Fernando Monroy: I’d like to nominate Gregory for the Extreme Player Award.

Gregory is one of the most versatile players I have had the chance to coach. He is an excellent goalie with extreme saves and acrobatic dives that would give Edwin van der Sar a run for his money. His defending skills are superb. His technical ability to be a patient defender ready to pounce on his prey are legendary. As well as his composure, mental toughness and fierce style of play.

On offense he plays right mid field - weaving in and out of traffic ready to supply his team mates with beautiful crosses. When it comes to scoring he does his best job at striker. Able to guide balls to goal and finish properly are what make him a force to be reckon with in the future. Great job Greg!

High School

Logan - Cowboys (HS Boys)

Mary - Cobras (HS Girls)

Coach Jeni Harrison: I want to nominate Logan.

Logan is the best goalkeeper ever!! He has showed leadership on and off the field!! All season he has been a great example of what a soccer player should be like. Always the first to shake hands or help teach a younger player!!


Coach Marc Bitbol: We would like to nominate Mary. Mary started the season with very limited soccer skills and improved considerably throughout the season.

During this week’s playoff game, she shut out the opposing team’s offense by controlling the ball and the pace of the game. she did so from the sweeper position (defense) and even scored a goal. She passed the ball seamlessly and jump started our offense continually, which resulted in a 4-1 win. She deserves the Player of the week nomination.


Logan - Banshees (U14 girls)

Noah - Strikers (U14 boys)

Coach Shelby Clancy: I would like to nominate Logan as our extreme player of the week.

She always plays hard and practices hard. Last week at practice she fell and broker her wrist. This little lady is so sommitted she actually bubble wrapped her cast to play in our last regular season game.

She is the definition of extreme. When she found out she could play she jumped for joy. She played an amazing game: cast, bubble wrap and all!

Great job Logan!!!


Coach Said Farah: Noah played good mid-field offensively and defensively. He scored a decisive goal.

Noah respects other players and does not commit fouls. He plays the ball and has never played the opposing player. He is respectful of the referee and his fair play is admirable. Noah is one of the first players on the field for practice and for games. He is a polite athlete.

Actually, Noah has reminded me to be quiet and not argue with the referees. He has kept me quiet on the sideline. I don’t recall the kid ever receiving a foul. He played defense and offense in said game. He is a natural athlete, capable of doing well in any sport.


Neil - Sharks (U12 boys)

Allison - Pride (U12 girls)

Coach Pete Knight: Neil scored all three of our goals yesterday..... playing center-forward. A hard fought victory over another worthy opponent (Novato Oyle)..... 3 to 2 @ Hill. A nice hat trick, Neil!


Coach John Wyek: I wish to nominate Allison for U12 "Player of the Week" (I’d nominate her as player of the month, season and decade if those were open).

Allison plays forward for the PRIDE, and is our top scorer (16 goals so far) and also has most assists on our team. She is now learning to support our team by playing in a defensive position once we get ahead on score.

In our previous 3 games Allison scored hat tricks (3 goals) each game, including the game against a team that only allowed 1 goal to that point the whole season. In today’s game she scored 2 of our 4 goals, and this was against a team that had only allowed 2 goals previously ALL SEASON.

Allison has crazy good soccer skills, and works hard at whatever tasks we suggest. She is enthusiastic, and raises the level of play of our entire team. I can think of no other player in MISA this season that has had a bigger impact. She is EXTREME!


Kate - Cheetahs (U10 girls)

Bradley - Jedi (U10 boys)

Coach Stacey Gunnink: My nomination for the Extreme Player of the Week is Kate. Kate has a willingness to learn, determination and exceptional teamwork. She is a natural offensive player and has scored most of our goals. She respects her teammates and coaches.

Because of her improvement and increased confidence in her abilities, I think she is the right player for the nomination. 


Coach Rick Wedge: I hope you will consider Bradley of the Jedi’s.

We are getting killed in all our games. My boys are really losing interest and getting discouraged.  Bradley is our best player.  He plays sweeper and he NEVER quits. Without him we would lose 100 – 0 instead of the 10-0 and 12-0 we are faced with each game. A win for Bradley would give me an opportunity to get the team excited about something.


Michael - The Sharks (U8 boys)

Bailey - Lady Soccer Ninjas (U8 girls)
Coach Laura Page: Michael contributed to a true team effort on Saturday during our game. He exhibited great team skills by passing well to his teammates;  he excelled by scoring 4 of 6 goals; and he showed outstanding sportsmanship by seeking out his hurt opponent after an accidental ball hit his chest.   

Coach Geoff Shepherd: This is the 3rd year I have coached Bailey, and each year I have seen a marked improvement in her ability, determination and focus.

Last Saturday, Bailey was a force on both defense and offense. With a cheetah like speed, on more than one occasion Bailey was able to close on a player and prevent a potential goal. Offensively, she was playing with a focus on keeping space on the field and was in perfect position to score her first goal of the season (and her NYSA soccer career). Bailey is a wonderful kid, with an entertaining personality, and fierce determination on the field.


Marley - Spiders FC (U8 girls)

Sean - Celtics (U7 boys)
Coach Dan Curtaz:  I would like to nominate Marley for Extreme Pizza Player of the Week.

This is Marley’s first experience playing soccer and she is make the most out of it. At practice she works extremely hard and encourages her teammates. She has such a wonderful upbeat personality that the entire team including coaches feed off her positive energy. During games she is willing to try and play all positions. Marley is a pure joy to coach and has had positive impact on our entire team.
  Coach Stephan Duggan: I’d like to nominate Sean as the Extreme player of the week. Sean gives maximum effort, all game, every game. He not only has scored the most goals for us, he is also the first player back on defense. He listens to coaching, and never talks back.

What really impressed me this week was that even though we were losing the game, and Sean could have gotten frustrated at the pushing going on, he didn’t push back. He continued to play the game as it was meant to be played.

It has been a pleasure to watch Sean’s maturity level improve as well as his skills, and in my opinion, he is what the Extreme Player Award should be all about.


Nico - Fireballs (U6 coed)

Ella - Fireballs (U6 coed)
Coach Jason: Greetings, I would like to introduce you to young Nico, #10, Fireballs (circa 11’).

This is Nico’s first season working out with the U~6 "Fireballs" Club here in Novato, CA. If you have attended any of Nico’s matches, you know what we’re talking about when we chant fireball. Extreme offense and consideration for the rules of the game.

Best of luck!
  Coach Mike Pardi: I would like to nominate Ella.

In the beginning her parents told me she was girly girl and probably won’t even play soccer. Ella has not only been to every practice she, listens and improves every week.

Last weekend, we played the Fireballs (7 boys & 1 girl & the girl was good). Our boys were no match for The Fireballs. Ella went in there and ended up scoring 3 goals against an all boy team. We have a great picture of her holding up 1 finger after the game on Sunday!