Extreme Pizza Players of the Week (2013)

Novato Youth Soccer Extreme Pizza Players of the Week (2013)

Each week Novato Youth Soccer and Extreme Pizza present the Players of the Week.  The winner’s photos are also displayed on the wall of the restaurant in the Vintage Oaks shopping center.


U6 Coed Rec


Hunter - U6 Boys Rec
    Coach Damon: Hunter is a skilled ball handler with a nose for the ball who can score with either foot. This week, he took the ball from right to left, dribbling around defenders all the while. As he came near the left corner, just before going out of bounds he blasted a shot into the side of net on a fly with his off foot. His reaction was almost embarrassed. He anticipates and plays with great vision and awareness. He is a joy to watch having so much fun on the field.

After one play, the player he passed to scored and came over to him and said sorry for not passing the ball back, he smiled joyfully and said "Dude, we are on the same team, it's Great!". And he gave him a high five.

Many times he has noticed a teammate struggling and offered encouragement, and he sticks up for his teammates when things are not going well. On the sidelines he cheers loudly a positivity for his teammates and pays attention to the action. And he plays with infectious smile and enthusiasm that inspires his teammates and parents from both sides of the lines. 

U6 Coed Rec - U8 Boys Rec

Hanna - U6 Coed

Hale - U8 Boys Rec

Coach Erica: Hanna’s first day at practice was nothing like her first game!  Every 5 minutes at practice Hanna wanted a drink of water or to go tell her mom something. 

As soon as Hanna hit the playing field she didn’t stop!  Hanna is NOT afraid.  She is aggressive and will stop at nothing to get that ball down the field.  Our first game was rough & she didn’t let the bigger boys on the other team slow her down.  She will run all the way up the field and all the way back down.  She doesn’t stop!  She even does this with a smile on her face!

  Coach Jason:

Hale is an all-around player with an emphasis on ball control and setting the table for his U-8, Sharknado teammates.

Passing, shooting & strong defensive skills are what Hale possesses. It’s only when these basic skills are coupled with a great attitude, that we see such extreme results!

U6 Coed Rec

Adam - U6 Coed Rec

Isabelle - U6 Coed Rec

Adam is a boy of few words.  When you watch him play you can see his mind calculating his next move.  That move could be to run back into a defensive position or to attack the ball and play it forward. 

Adam has instinct that is rare in kids this age.  He is calm, cool and collective.  He can turn the ball and run it up the side or he patiently waits for his opponent to make a mistake and steals the ball.  He’s happy to give the ball to his teammates and let them score.


Isabella fires rockets with her right foot that keeps the action on the Comets’ U6 team’s offensive side of the field. 

She is adaptable and plays every position on the field.  Isabella is basically the three foot version of Mia Hamm. 

She is best friends with her teammates, is great at taking turns substituting, and is generally a great sport.


U6 Coed Rec

Grace - U6 Coed Rec

Parker - U6 Coed Rec

Grace is known by her Comets’ teammates as "The Tank".  She is a brick wall on defense and completely unstoppable once she gets the ball. 

She scored two goals, and one was even against the opposing team!  When the whistle blows, she has a quick smile and cheers on her teammates’ exploits.


Parker (wearing white) is a stalwart of the Comets U6 team. 

This week, he played stellar defense by heroically saving several goals, and was also a force on the offensive side.  Parker is such a good passer that he is known as the "sprinkler" while spraying the ball around to all his teammates. 

When the whistle blows, he’s the first to shake hands with the other team and shows excellent sportsmanship.


Select Under-13


Rachael - U13 Girls Select

Coach Tyler: Rachel recently scored the third goal in Novato’s 3-1 Championship win at the Novato Classic, and she added another goal in the opening game of the Stanford Summer Classic, both from her attacking midfield position. 

Rachel has started this season reinvigorated after a lengthy absence last season.  Her work-rate and determination in the midfield have both been a huge boost for the 00Gs this season.  Her ability to influence a game with her passing ball winning, and now her scoring have made her a first choice midfielder.

Select Under-12

Hugo - U12 Boys Select

Lily - U12 Girls Select

From Coach Alberto:

My nomination is Hugo for his tenacity and energy he brings to every game.


Coach Tyler: Lily joined the team this year and has made an instant impact from her left wing position. 

Lily is incredibly smooth on the ball, extremely creative and composed, with the ability to provide left footed service at pace.  Lily is an intelligent player that has picked things up very quickly and you would be hard pressed to choose her as a player that has just begun her competitive soccer career.  Good pace, good technique, and a great mind for the game...
Her influence at the Novato Classic was immense, both offensively and defensively.  Her ability to run with the ball as well as deliver that final pass in behind made her 01G squad very dangerous on the counter-attack all weekend long.  Lily net the game winner in the second match vs Santa Rosa South, and also had an assist on Sunday vs Wesco.


Select Under-11

McKenna - U11 Girls Select

Micky - U11 Boys Select

Coach Tyler: McKenna, GoalKeeper for the U-11 girls, is the Extreme Player of the Week for her big play abilities between the sticks and the composure she has shown with the ball at her feet.

In our only playdate this season, McKenna posted two shutouts and notched two assists, one as the Goalkeeper and the other as a Center Back. In our third match, a 2-0 victory over Delta Storm, McKenna was incredible off her line, reading Delta’s thru passes and diving at the feet of would be shooters before they had the opportunity to shoot.

McKenna also guest played for the U12s at the San Francisco Cup and was a key piece to their 2nd place finish. She picked up one shutout, had some amazing diving saves, as well as catches on crosses in traffic, but most importantly made two huge saves in a PK shoot-out in the semi-finals.  


Coach JP: Micky is a player we call in soccer, a player with a ”game face.”  No matter what his position is on the field including goal keeper, he comes prepared to play!

The flamboyant pair of glasses has an intimidating presence as he goes to play.  He works well with his teammates and helps the coach bringing in the equipment after practice is over.  He is always ready to listen for what he is being ask to do before and after training and games.  He sets a tone for others, as the team has several  similar personalities.  

I am sure we will see more of these kind of exceptional players surface for this award.  Well done Micky!


Select Under-10

Jordan - U10 Boys Select

Zoe - U10 Girls Select

Coach Joe: Our Extreme Player of Week is Jordan. He is one of our captains and is our central midfielder who basically "runs" the team. A very mature boy for his age he enjoys being a leader and friend to his teammates.

Besides all this he is a gifted player, very coachable and hardworking. Without Jordan we are not the same #8 ranked team in Nor Cal. He was very instrumental in us getting to this spot and in helping defeat the No. 1 and No. 3 ranked teams at our last play date.



Coach Alan: Zoe plays with intensity as soon as she steps on the field, whether it is at practice or for games.  She has excellent overall ability and has played every position on the field at a high level.  I have been especially impressed at Zoe’s ability to learn each position.  She has become an excellent listener and applies her training to the game.  She has improved her skills each week and is focused to be the best.
Zoe represents Novato United at the highest level with her hard work, by being a supportive teammate, and by demonstrating excellent sportsmanship.  I am very proud to have Zoe as a member of our team.

Select Under-9

Oliva - U9 Girls Select

Garrett - U9 Boys Select

Coach Elizabeth: I am pleased to nominate Olivia for Extreme Pizza Award.

She is an outstanding soccer player and a joy to coach. She is athletic, driven and smart. Olivia is a natural leader on the field as she rises to the challenge of the competition and creates opportunities for her team to score.


Coach Fernando: Garrett is a center and right midfielder who can also play any other position. Technically he is a quality player. His vision and awareness is to be desired.

He is a true team player with a kind heart. Come game time he is focused, intense and can deliver the golazos. At Playdate #1 in March he scored two key goals to help the team pull out a 3-2 win against San Juan, in Woodland, California. 

Select Under-8

Parks - U8 Boys Select

Coach Carsten: Parks is an exceptional player who is always very dedicated in practice, a quick learner who has shown incredible improvement over the first four months.  He is very versatile and can play all positions, predominantly center back and midfield.

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