Extreme Pizza Players of the Week (2012)

Novato Youth Soccer Extreme Pizza Players of the Week (2012)

Each week Novato Youth Soccer and Extreme Pizza present the Players of the Week.  The winner’s photos are also displayed on the wall of the restaurant in the Vintage Oaks shopping center.


Select Under-16

Kyle - U16 Boys Select

Grace - U16 Girls Select

Coach Julius: Kyle is a player who have dedicated his time to both the U16 and U18 boys teams. He has not missed one game this season for both teams.

He has played for both teams in very extreme conditions after exhausting himself in a previous game same day and ready to suit up for the U18 boys team when we are shorthanded. This he has done week in week out for us without complaining. He usually get cramped up and and refuse to be substituted and want to continue playing in extreme painful conditions. But I have to step in as a coach and substitute him from games so he could rest. He is a trooper. 


Coach Alberto: I would like to nominate Grace.  She is not only one of my best players in the team but she is also the most responsible and committed player to the team.

Grace hasn’t missed a practice nor game all season long, she is a solid defender and has kept us in games with her solid performance every time. 

Select Under-14

Emilie - U14 Girls Select

Andreas - U14 Boys Select

Coach Jorge: Novato United 98G’s player of the week is Emilie. I wouldn’t want to limit her to player of the week as week in and week out she plays at a very high level.  Emilie has been playing in the Novato United Select Program for five years now and has grown to be a very valuable player for our team.

As one of our team captains, Emilie always leads by example. Her tank is always full, ready to work hard and support her teammates, her presence on the field can’t be missed when the ball enters our defense. Her upbeat attitude, a smile never leaves her face, makes her a pleasure to be around from coaches and players alike. We are proud to have Emilie represent our team and wish her all the best with her soccer future with 98G and beyond.


Coach Alberto: I nominate Andreas for his commitment, dedication and effort during every game and practice.


Rec League Under-14

Eber - U14 Boys Rec

Toula - U14 Girls Rec

Eber has performed all year as our best striker and most effective goal scorer.  His unique tactics of lobbing the ball over his head to himself in the goal box, then pouncing past his defender and beating the keeper made him a force to be reckoned with for any opponent. 

Eber has a fierce competitive drive and works well with his teammates.  It is joy to watch Eber compete on the field and find amazing new ways to get the ball into the net.



Coach Bill:  I would like to nominate Toula as the U14 girls Extreme Pizza Player of the Week. Toula is a terrific player and a great role model for other players on our team and in the league. She consistantly gives her best efforts in practices and during games. She unselfishly stepped up to play goalkeeper for one half of every game, and is a big reason why the U14 Fusion team is undefeated through ten games, giving up an average of less than one goal per game. 

Toula also is a dominant center striker who uses proper positioning, showing up in the right place at the right time to finish the play off with a goal--she has a real knack for finding the back of the net. Toula has a quite confidence, but communicates well on the field, which instills confidence in others, helping other players on her team play better as a result. She is a great competitor and an even better person.

Select Under-13

Julianna - U13 Girls Select

Tony - U13 Boys Select

Coach Tyler: This past Sunday Julianna was selected as part of the ’00 Girls Cal North Olympic Development Team consisting of the top players in Northern California born in 2000.

An hour and a half after her selection she scored a late equalizer against the Pleasanton Rage to earn a hard fought 1-1 draw on the road in the NorCal Cup.  The goal was her 19th of the campaign which leads the team.


Coach Julius:  I am nominating Tony for the U13 boys B-Team.

Tony has single-handedly scored 90% of the goals for the team this season.  When he is not on, the entire team struggles. His performance have even elevated him to star in few games this season for the U13 Boys A-Team - the State Cup Finalist Team last year.

Apart from his soccer talent, Tony is a very humble kid, never misses practice and always willing to do more.  He partakes in the U13 A team practice in addition to the B-team practices.

Select Under-12

Emily - U12 Girls Select

Kevin - U12 Boys Select

Coach Tyler:

In the past week and a half Emily has netted seven goals in four games.  She recorded a hat-trick in a cup game against Wesco, followed by a two goal performance at Mill Valley to clinch the Fall Region 5 League Championship.  Emily followed that up with a two goal performance in the final seeding game of the NorCal Cup to help her squad finish top of the group.


Coach Yasert:

Kevin is my nomination for the U12 Boys Extreme Player of the Week.

Kevin is an amazing player.  He is extra dedicated to improve and always positive. Kevin is always ready and waiting for practice, but the most importantly he is such a great kid.

Rec League Under-12

Hannah - U12 Girls Rec

Quin - U12 Girls Rec

Coach Janice: 

I would like to nominate Hannah as the Extreme Pizza Player of the week.  Hannah exemplifies everything that makes a great player.  She is dedicated to the team.  Every Tuesday she attends both volleyball and soccer practice consecutively.  During game time she plays the center mid position and switches rapidly from attack to defense as needed.  

She is generous to her teammates and passes the ball and concedes control,  basically she makes her teammates look good. She frequently gives other players a chance to score.   She never complains when asked to play a position that is not a favorite of hers.  She frequently works with less developed girls during skills drills and helps them develop their talents.   She understand that a teams needs to work together to be successful and always plays with that in mind.  


Coach Ted:

I would like to nominate Quin as our Extreme Pizza Player of the Week.  We have a team with lots of individual talent, but throughout the season Quin has consistently shown outstanding leadership, a good "sense" for the game, and is unselfish in her play.  She does not score all the team’s goals (although she did on Sunday’s game),  but her presence and leadership abilities on the field are invaluable whether it’s a great defensive play, good hustle, or a well executed assist to one of her teammates. 
Quin is they type of player that a coach can plug into any position with confidence and know that she will rise to the occasion.  Finally, she exhibits good sportsmanship, win, lose, or tie, both on and off the field.  We feel fortunate to have a player like Quin on our team again; she is truly a pleasure to coach.

Select Under-11

Jared - U11 Boys Select

Jenna - U11 Girls Select

Coach Carbone: 

I would like to nominate Jared for the award. He scored 5 goals from the right back position in the Novato Classic and has worked hard all season to improve to the level he is now at.



Coach Snearly:

The player I am naming for the award is Jenna.  Jenna is a dynamic player.  She can play wherever I ask her to on the field and is always willing to give her all in practice and in the game.  She is focused and determined and creates many opportunities on goal for her team.  A joy to coach  :) 

Select Under-10

Ysabella - U10 Girls Select

Christopher - U10 Boys Select

Coach Johnson: Bella - new to the team this year and a welcome addition from our Dixie friends.  Although new to the team, Bella has been quick to impress with her natural abilities and her hard work.  Her attitude and hustle is inspiring and she consistently produces great defensive plays which has earned her a constant role in the defensive line.

 She has shown remarkable growth during the pre-season in her confidence and her sense of field awareness, permitting her to read plays and become a better player.  She is the consummate defender who "leaves it on the pitch" every time!!


Coach Yassert: Christopher is an amazing and a key player.  I’ve been coaching Christopher for almost 2 years and the improvement during that time is completely amazing -- he brings so much confidence to the team.  He’s an amazing defender and also a good goalkeeper. 

I can see a bright future with Christopher if he decides to continue with soccer.  I really admire this kid -- he’s always on time and playing with the love of soccer -- that make the difference. I’m so proud and happy to be his coach. 

Rec League Under-10

Ruby - U10 Girls Rec

Caleb - U10 Boys Rec

Coach Cal: 

The Soccer Beasts would like to nominate Ruby for Extreme player of the week.  Ruby was the clear choice for both coaches; she is like an “energizer bunny bulldog” on defense for us every game. 

Playing stopper, she always demonstrates non-stop effort in pressuring the ball, consistently winning possession, and passing up the sidelines to her teammates.  She shows great instincts for being in the right place at the right time to make the play.  Most importantly, she plays fair and always has a positive attitude and a huge smile on her face as she’s running at top speed to track down the ball. 


Coach Gary:

Dave and I are proud to nominate Caleb as the Extreme Pizza player of the week for the game on September 30th.   Throughout the game, Caleb played with enthusiasm and intensity. This was Caleb’s breakthrough game as he scored his first and second goals of the season.
He also supported his teammates with his well-placed passes, giving our team’s forwards multiple scoring opportunities during the course of the game.  Overall, his efforts on the field were outstanding and he deserves to be recognized as player of the week.

Select Under-9

Nia - U9 Girls Select

Diego - U9 Boys Select

Coach Snearly: Nia is our U9 nomination.  She is focused, hard working and plays with heart.  This past weekend we played in a playdate in Fairfield and Nia, our central defender, helped stop the forward progress of the attacking forwards and distribute the ball to her teammates with composure and accuracy. Her speed, fearless approach and foot skill helped us quickly transition back into the attack. 

During one offensive attack on our defense Nia stepped up to intercept a pass, settled the ball and switched field helping us catch our opponent off guard. 


Coach Monroy: I want to nominate Diego Anton. Diego is an all around quality player, but most important a great role model for his teammates. Diego plays left and center mid field on the 03 Boys.

His work ethic is very impressive. Diego works really hard on his technique both at practice and home, pushes himself to be the best two footed player on the team and performs drills to the best of his ability.

When game time comes he turns technique into skill, weaving in and out of defenders on the ground and attacking the ball in the air. His specialty is scoring goals with his left foot and heading in goals at will. We are lucky to have Diego on our team.

Select Under-9, Under-8

Taylor - U9 Girls Select

Elvin - U8 Boys Select

Coach Wnuk: Taylor has been very committed to her team this season and has shown excellent focus and energy in her training.  She was able to take those efforts to our first Jamboree in Morgan Hill.  There, she displayed wonderful spirit and hustle and scored a team high four goals.  Her team play was very good and she displayed excellent sportsmanship.  We look forward to enjoying Taylor’s awesome dribbling and finishing skills this season.


Coach Monroy: Elvin Maldanado is a very dedicated player with lots of talent. Always one of the first to arrive at practice, games and extra training sessions. The consummate team player who never gives up on the pitch. His natural ability and passing skill make him a force to be reckon with all the time.


Rec League Under-8

Grant & Zachary - U8 Boys Rec

Katie - U8 Girls Rec

Coach Clinton: 

The winners are two twin brothers:  Grant (left) and Zachary (right).
Zachary and Grant are nominated as Extreme Players of the Week for their outstanding performance at defense and offense, their terrific attitudes on and off the field, and their fairness with their teammates.


Coach Chelini:

Katie is a...
Kick-ass, ball buster, freight train, take no prisoners, surly, bone crusher kinda gal - yet... Sweet at the same time!  Katie is our #1 goal scorer with 11 under her belt already at mid-season... She deserves (by FAR) this award... We couldn’t be more proud of her!!!!

Rec League Under-7

Diego - U7 Boys Rec

Jair - U7 Boys Rec

Coach Jason: We would like to nominate Diego for Extreme Player of the week.

This is Diego’s second season playing Novato Youth Soccer and there is no shortage of enthusiasm here. He is a scoring machine and helps set up plays for his U-7 Dragon teammates.

The real reason Diego has been recognized is his commitment to good sportsmanship and respect for the game.

Off the field Diego enjoys his role as a Big Brother & star student in his first grade class.

Coach Erica: Jair is a quiet kid. He applies everything he has learned at practice during our games. He is happy to play, hustles and never gives up, but is happy to sub out to let another teammate play.

Jair’s knowledge of the game allows him to play both offense and defense. He has scored many goals but has also saved many goals. He never gets down when our opponent scores. Jair has a passion for soccer and even though he doesn’t say much, the passion comes through when he steps foot on the field.


Rec League Under-6

Jo Jo - U6 Boys Rec

Gianna - U6 Girls Rec

Coach Ciolino: Jo Jo demonstrated great sportsmanship in our first game, when he help pull up another member of the opposing team that had fallen down on a play. He was also super caring and made sure the kid was alright and gave him some encouraging words as he pulled him up. This made me really proud of Jo Jo, and it showed his great character.

In addition, Jo Jo  kicked a goal in our first game and showed off his strong leadership skills.


Coach Ciolino: The thing that impressed me the most about Gianna was her dribbling ability.  She displayed excellent speed and ball control as she moved the ball up and down the field.  

She also showed her competitive spirit by pursuing the ball the whole game and never stopping to take a rest.  Her determination and hustle paid off with her scoring a goal.


Summer Recreation Camp



Coach Julius: John competed fairly throughout the camp session. He aided younger players to perform to their satisfaction by sharing balls with them. John never missed a day of camp and was always early to camp. he took part in every single exercises that were assigned to all campers. He never complained and a joy to coach.



Coach Julius: Marilyn attended her first full camp and showed good sportsmanship throughout the camp week. She stood out in camp as she competed fairly with the boys and girls. Her younger brother  also took part in the week camp and she made sure he had fun. She showed some leader qualities!

Our 2011 Players of the Week