2017 Fall Finalists! Go Teams!

2017 Fall Finalists!  Go Teams!

As we move forward into the new year with excitement and anticipation, we'd like to share some of our successes of the past season!   We celebrate all of you!  2017 was a fantastic year and we look forward to seeing you all on the pitch in 2018!  Happy New Year!


3rd/4th Grade (U10) Novato City Tournament!

At the end of the season each year, the 3rd/4th grade (U10) division participates in the Novato City Tournament. This is the first experience for many of these players in a tournament setting. The players are anxious to show off their skills and all they have learned up to this point.  The competition is exciting and this year was no exception, with many teams neck and neck in the standings just before the tournament began.  Everyone played hard and had a great time!  Congratulations to all for a job well done!


City Tournament, Boys White Division  

Champions, Galactic Empire  

Coach Katselis and Coach Muscat  


City Tournament, Boys White Division  

2nd Place, Gladiators  

Coach Silva and Coach Morbitz  


City Tournament, Girls Division  

 Champions, Wildcats  

 Coach Contreras and Coach Osborn  


City Tournament, Girls Division  

2nd Place, Strikers  

Coach Snyder  

Coach Hajarian and Coach Madsen  



City Tournament, Boys Green Division  

Champions, Wildcats  

Coach Proksch and Coach Amador  


City Tournament, Boys Green Division  

2nd Place, Aztecs  

Coach Sylvester and Coach Zachary  



MISA / Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance

The Marin Interleague Soccer Alliance is a group of nine Marin soccer clubs that was formed to ensure that our players, 5th/6th grade through High School, all had the opportunity to play soccer against teams throughout Marin.  Each year at the close of the season, all teams participate in the MISA Tournament.  Several of the Novato teams completed the season, ranking among the highest in the league.  Congratulations to everyone that participated and a big round of applause to those teams that finished in the top of their divisions.



 5/6 Grade Boys, Mt. Tam Division 

 2nd Place - Novato Team 4

 Coach Ryan and Coach Scafani


5/6 Grade Boys, Golden Gate Division

 2nd Place - Novato Team 5

 Coach Nelson and Coach Sumrall


5/6 Grade Girls, Mt Tam Division

Champions - Novato Team 2

Coach Robertson and Coach Contreras


5/6 Grade Girls, Golden GateDivision

Champions - Novato Team 4

Coach Cunningham and Coach Simon-Graham


7/8 Grade Boys, Golden Gate Division

Champions - Novato Team 1

Coach Nelson and Coach Berry  


7/8 Grade Boys, Golden Gate Division

2nd Place - Novato Team 3

Coach MacDonald and Coach MacDonald


7/8 Grade Boys, Mt Tam Division

Champions - Novato Team 4

Coach Wilson and Coach Edgemon